Friday, October 2, 2015

LEGO GE Boxcab Locomotive

Hello Everyone,
Today I present a LEGO version of a GE Boxcab that I made. The basis of this boxcab are still in service in Chile, hauling various freight trains. The basis trains were originally built in 1917, and they are still in service today. The LEGO version is in a way different paint scheme, and has been "converted" to run on both diesel and electric service on Nonsensible Railways. In Nonsensible these locomotives are set up to run on the School Train, which goes on a specified route Mon-Fri. to give kids school. It goes around to the rural areas of Nonsensible and it is just a school on wheels. The train leaves the Times Square (Nonsensible) Station, and continues on to the "Lunch Stop," making stops at Hoyt Farm, Pier Lake School, Village of Gary, Greening Lawn, the Village of Fudge, and on Mondays the train stops at the Nonsensible Athletic Fields. Also, the train stops at Pier Lake School at 5:00 PM to pick up the swim team.
This is where I hid the battery box. Under the pantograph.

The train consists of two cars and one breakvan.The first train car is the learning car, which is equipped with ten desks and one Smartboard. The kids go there to learn every day. The second car, which was decorated last year in 2014 by the students. This second car contains the library, which is considerable for a train car, an indoor lunch area, and a small reception desk for kids to run the library and check out books. Yes, the library is run by the students. The third car is a breakvan, which is the storage room for textbooks, (Even in Nonsensible we need to have textbooks.), it also is the teacher's lounge, power generator for the entire train, and it is where the school's LEGO train collection is kept. 

This is the head of the locomotive, which is one of two locomotives used for this service.
On Fridays after lunch, all the kids get to drive the train for a short bit and learn about trains and all sorts of stuff like that. Unfortunately, this is all just a figment of my imagination, except for the locomotive. Well, my very descriptive imagination. Anyway, here's a video of the train running across a switch.
And this is the locomotive coming out of a "tunnel."
Thanks for reading my Great Walls of Text in my  blog, and see ya next time!

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