Friday, July 1, 2016


This is our Tze-Chiang Hao at Taichung Station. We would take this train to Hsinchu.
From Hsinchu we would catch a Liujia Line train to Zhuzhong.
And from Zhuzhong we caught a Neiwan Line DRC1000 to Neiwan. This is our DRC1000 train coming into Zhuzhong station.
This is the DRC 1000 that we rode at Zhuzhong.
Same DRC 1000 at Neiwan.
This is all made from threads!
You can see Neiwan Station from a little walk up to a former cartoonist's house.

This cartoonist was pretty much the only reason that the Neiwan Branch exists today. Also, he saved the station from being razed, so most of Neiwan is dedicated to him.

This is the unpainted DRC 1000 back at Zhuzhong. It's hard to find an unpainted DRC1000 anywhere except for the Pingxi Branch.
This was our EMU600 on the Liujia branch back to Hsinchu.
And this was our E1000 PP Tze-Chiang Hao back to Taichung.
Next post will be visiting Kaohsiung.

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