Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Leaving Japan :( Arriving Taiwan

Well, we are finally leaving Japan. Sigh...this was the official "last train" that we rode in Japan this year: the Tokyo Monorail.
We spent about half an hour at the plane observation deck on the roof. This is a JAL plane being pushed back onto the taxiways.
Yes, and this is entirely not suspicious at all.
This was our ANA 787 at Haneda Airport with the tug attached.
This was our ANA 787 at Songshan airport, sans tug.
This was the view from our Taipei hotel room. I was in heaven. You could see Line 1 MRT trains coming by every 5-10 minutes.
This post is kind of covering two days. On day two, this is a train that I have no idea about at Songshan station.
I have seen it before, and it seems to pull many luggage cars.
Anyway, these are the trains that we saw there while waiting for our Puyuma Express to Taichung.
And this is our 10th Floor view from our Taichung Hotel.
Next post will be about Neiwan.

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