Saturday, June 25, 2016

Railfanning Goryokaku, Hiraizumi

This is a 789 series EMU that has been sitting on a siding since March. Why has JR Hokkaido been deadlining these useful trains? Because of their new Hokkaido shinkansen. Personally, I'm not especially happy about it because it ended four or five trains and some stations, too.
This is a Hakodate Liner sitting at Hakodate Station.
And this is our KiHa 40 DMU that we rode to Goryokaku.
At Goryokaku we spent an hour watching trains. These are all the trains we saw in an hour.
This was another KiHa 40 local train that came by.
And an Out Of Service Hakodate Liner probably heading back to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.
This is a EH800 freight locomotive with a couple of freight cars.
A Super Hokuto set from Sapporo.
Another Hakodate Liner train on the opposite platform.
When we reached Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station I was elated to see that the shinkansen was the newest H5 type which entered service in March.
The floors are distinctly Hokkaido-themed, with snowflakes and icebergs.
Perfect book storage...
This was the head of our H5 at Morioka, where it was waiting to be coupled up with a Super Komachi E6 from Akita.
I was able to see the "joining" of two shinkansen, and I was very happy about that, so I filmed this. You can actually hear a shinkansen horn as it couples up to the H5.

This is our 701 series local train that we took to Hiraizumi.
On the Tohoku Line to Hiraizumi I took videos of the trains that we passed between Morioka and Hiraizumi.

And this is our 701 series train leaving Hiraizumi station.
Hiraizumi Station.
Our reason for coming out to the boondocks of Japan was to stay in an onsen hotel, so we went a little out of the way and stayed at a hotel that literally has a castle in the front.
And this is the hotel itself.
Near our hotel was a little stream with a bridge. I took some pictures.

As I told you, the hotel is located in the rural areas of Iwate. Iwate is the prefecture that Hiraizumi is in.
Next post will be about leaving Hiraizumi.

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