Tuesday, June 28, 2016


At Omiya Station we have a E7 Asama coming in.

This is the E7 leaving Omiya Station.
This is a E6/E5 combination Komachi/Hayabusa that was also leaving the station.
This was our E3 Tsubasa service that we rode to Yamagata.
This was our E3 Tsubasa at Yamagata.
The E3 class is separated into two paint schemes for some inexplicable reason. The train that we rode was in the old, grey, green, light gray color scheme, but this was is in the fancier white, orange, purple scheme. Also, if you count the Toreiyu Tsubasa, that makes three different paint schemes.
At Yamagata Station they had a little statue showing the Toreiyu Tsubasa and the regular Tsubasa.
They also had the duplo version.
We visited the Yamagata Museum of Science and Industry which was actually quite nice.
Inside they had one of those pendulum things that hammered out a song every hour. This is that song.
This was the Tsubasa train that we rode back to Omiya station.
Because the Yamagata Shinkansen is officially a mini-shinkansen, which means that it runs on regular rail lines, they use bridge plates because of the wide gap between the train and the platform.
This was the interior of the train that we were riding.
The window shades had Yamagata cherries on them. Too bad they were so expensive.
This is a video that I made showing all the scenery on the line and the line between Yonezawa and Fukushima.

One thing I forgot to mention is that the scenery is some of the best I have seen from a shinkansen.

Next post will be about leaving Japan.

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