Friday, June 24, 2016

Goryokaku Tower, Mt. Hakodate

In Hakodate they must get a lot of Russians because their signs have Russian printed on it. After all, it is rather close to Russia, being in the far north and all that.
  Before the Hokkaido shinkansen these Super Hakucho trains ruled the Seikan tunnel. Now the are just relegated to the sidings, remaining there until they either get scrapped or bought. I wonder if they would make a good house...
On this day we headed to the Trappistine Convent, which was the first of its kind in Japan.
They had some pretty flowers, and there was some morning dew, so I snapped a quick photo.
Well, back at the bus station. This is the fanciest "road slippery" sign I've ever seen!
Our next stop was Goryokaku Tower, in Goryokaku Park.
Once up in the tower you can see all of Goryokaku Park, which is shaped like a star.
For lunch we went to Lucky Pierrot, which has a very weird view of American diners. French paintings of naked guys and gals with wreaths of burgers while 50s music was playing.
Let it stare into your soul...
This was the main building at the park, which used to be a fort.
This is the tower, which you can see from outside.
Have you ever had a rare choco in cookie? I haven't.
This was one of the trams. 'nuff said.
The city installed statues of boys and girls, and since it was cold out, (in the middle of June), somebody put a scarf on this lucky guy.
Our next stop was Mt. Hakodate, which has great views and a ropeway. This is Hakodate.
It was foggy. And windy. And foggy.
Either you take the bus to the ropeway, or you take the bus all the way up. We chose to take the bus all the way up.
NHK has a broadcasting tower here.
You can barely make out the logo.
I can barely make out what this is, but it makes my stomach plummet.
This is our ropeway car at the bottom station.
And that station.
This is the Mountain Station, shrouded in fog.
This is one of the cars going up the mountain.
I compiled a video of the clips of trams that I took and also all of the Ropeway cars going up and down while we were waiting 30 min for the bus.
This is one of the trams in a Coca-cola ad.
And another one of the trams.
Next post will be about railfanning Goryokaku, Leaving Hokkaido, and coming into Hiraizumi.

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