Monday, August 8, 2016


Well, this is the inevitable post. The end is near...

This was our view from the Novotel Taoyuan, where we got full views of both runways and the ocean.

This is our United 787-9 plane at Taipei-Taoyuan Intl. Airport. We were booked into seats 38 ABC, and let me tell you, it was horrible! There wasn't a window in that row. So, basically, the beginning of the flight was bad while I got used to the fact that there wasn't a window. Also, the guy in front of we wanted his window to be at the lowest point, but towards landing certain fingers made it become lighter.
Back into SFO...rum-tiddly-tum-tum. This was our BART train to San Bruno.
And our BART train at San Bruno.
And then we rode another BART train to Millbrae, where we caught an express train back home. Nope, this is not it. Just a random Baby Bullet set.
Those Metrolink cars are still unpainted, I see.

Well, that marks the end of our trip.

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