Saturday, August 20, 2016

East Coast 2016: Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum


Today's post is a bit long, considering that I took a lot of photos at the Royal Ontario Museum.

So today we start out with some morning railfanning from our hotel room. This is the flat end of a Union Pearson Express heading towards Pearson Airport.
Here we have a GMD F40PH-3 with some LRC-3 cars pulling out of Union Station presumably heading towards Southwest Ontario.
After that stint, we made our way over a couple of blocks to catch the streetcar. This happens to be one of the cathedrals along the way.
This is St. Andrew's cathedral, complete with photobombing streetcar.

We were aiming to get to St. Lawrence Market to buy that day's breakfast.
Once we finished eating, we saw this weird triangular building.
Then we made our way over to the Toronto Subway, where we caught a Line 1 train to Museum Station. This is St. Andrew's subway station.

This was our Toronto Rocket subway arriving.
After that we made our way to Casa Loma, one of the old castles in the Toronto area.

That is an almost sarcastic amount of forks on the table.

We finished up at Casa Loma and made our way back to the subway, where we saw this...mildly disturbing ad on the door.
This is our train departing Museum Station.
At Museum, the support pillars were made to look like Egyptian sarcophagi.
Incidentally, we were at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking, because there are so many!

For some reason this samurai guy has a mustache. No idea why...

Once we were done with the museum, we made our way over to the Green Line, but we had to stop at Saint Andrew's first.
This is a Toronto Rocket leaving St Andrew's station.
This is one of the older T1 cars that are in use on the Green Line. It's very noisy!
We were on the green line so we could make our way over to the Scarborough RT, which is slated for closure.
The Scarborough RT uses linear induction to power the trains, meaning that they levitate off the ground. Its like a maglev, just on rails.
Speaking of which, this is the Scarborough RT arriving at Kennedy Station.
This is the SRT leaving Lawrence East.
This is the SRT arriving at Lawrence East Station

This video shows the SRT on the approach to Kennedy GO Station.
And this is that very same train departing.

For some of the stations, the RT parallels the GO Stouffville line.
The newer cars have the names of the stations painted on the side. For example, this car has McCowan painted on the side, which is the end station.
This is the head of the SRT. Ironically, these trains were designed as driverless trains, but apparently the public wanted a cab...because logic.
Whoever drew this has a very screwed up sense of what "sexy" is.
Here we have our T1 car departing.

We were back at Union Station to see if we could find a Bombardier Flexity Outlook. Eventually, we were successful, but first we have some CLRVs.

Here is another CLRV rounding the curve.

This is a 508 Union Station streetcar offloading its passengers. 
It's kind of strange that there a small space in the back like that without any protection or sheeting.
We finally found what we were looking for: the Bombardier Flexity Outlook streetcar on the 510 Spadina line.
The Flexities use trolley poles instead of pantographs, because the CLRVs and the ALRVs use heritage trolley catenaries.
This is what the front of the Flexity looks like.
That night the Canadian came in. Ironically, I spent all morning waiting for it. Here it is departing. Thanks VIA. o_O.

Well, I promised it in my first post, so here we go.

On another note, the CAD $10 bill features the Canadian on it.
Next post will be about the trip between Toronto and Montreal.

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