Thursday, August 18, 2016

East Coast 2016: Arrival into Toronto


This is the first post about our trip to Canada and New York, visiting some family on the way. Anyway, to begin, we have some northbound and southbound Caltrains.
 Next we have our Baby Bullet train arriving, which was why we got on from Palo Alto.

Here it is departing.

This is the BART train departing San Bruno.

Thanks to BART's "evenings and weekend only" service to SFO from Millbrae, we had to play subway Tetris! We rode the Caltrain from Palo Alto to Millbrae, BART to San Bruno, then a Bart from San Bruno to SFO. Woo-hoo!

Our BART train at SFO airport.
 A United 787 docked next to our plane. God, SFO hates photographers!
 This is our plane, an Air Canada A320 (or 21.)
 Our seat afforded us a view of the baggage being loaded.
 Wow, 30 minutes to departure and we are already in our seats?! Strange concept, being on time!
 This is a United 747, which we passed while taxiing to the runway.

 Here's a United 777.
 Another 747.
 It's another Air Canada! I'm guessing also an A320.
 This is one of the smaller United planes. Probably an Embraer or a CRJ.
 Another small plane, maybe of the same type.
 Here's another one. Pretty sure that this is a CRJ.
 Here's an Embraer.
 American airlines 757 or 767.
 Virgin America A320.
 This was my first time nabbing a decent picture of a Boeing 717. 717s are rare, considering that they are flown on Delta and not really anywhere else.
This is the takeoff of our A320.
 Our view for the journey.
 This is Lake Michigan.
 Wonder which airport this one is, because it looks big!
 Here's Canada!
 This is Saugeen airfield.
 And Durham (Mulock) Airport.
It's strange how close the two of them are. They are less than a mile apart!
Hmm...7 minutes to landing? 
 Thaaaaaaaat's going to be a steep descent.
 Ooh! Thunderheads! Really made the last 10 minutes fun!
 This is a GO transit layover yard near Toronto.
 Billy Bishop Toronto Islands Airport!
 The CN tower rises above all in the city.
This is landing at Toronto.
 This is a Air Canada plane. Sorry, don't know the type.
 The far tail, behind the Star Alliance, is Air Brussels. Haven't seen that before.
 This is an Air Canada 777 docked in one of the gates at YYZ airport.
 Here's another one.
 Here, have another!
 I think this is an Airbus product. Can't be sure, though.
 This is one of Air Canada Rouge's planes.
 Our plane at YYZ.
 YYZ has a transportation system called "LINK Skytrain" that runs between terminals.
Sadly Union Pearson Express' two terminal stations have automatic doors. Anyway, this is our UP arriving.
 Onboard the Union Pearson Express. As you can see, the high level platforms mark the UP, but the low levels mark GO transit.
 This is one of the new GO cab cars. Interesting.
 Union Station, in all it's glory.
This was our hotel, the InterContinental Toronto Centre.
 It was an OK room, but the view was better than anything I have seen in North America! (Note that I saw America, because the one in Omiya is much better.)

Next post will be about the CN Tower and Touristy stuff.

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