Monday, August 22, 2016

East Coast 2016: Montreal Walking Tour, Dorval

We begin near the Notre Dame cathedral in downtown Montreal, where there is a horsedrawn carriage traveling down the street.
This is one of the elaborate designs of buildings in old Montreal.
This was a former citadel (or something)

Near the harbor, this statue was to be found.
Along with this impressive building.
Since we were in Canada, the crossing sign had a red border instead of the Railroad Crossing markers found in the US.
In the harbor there was a big ship that was most likely being loaded.
Some other ships had been turned into floating restaurants.
The boat was massive.

It was named "Venture" and was registered in some country with low licensing fees.
This pleasant little sailboat was also in the port.
I believe this was the main market in Montreal. Certainly fond of grandeur.
This is what looks like a church.
The Port of Montreal operates a railway along with the CN local that serves the line. Sadly, we were not able to see either of those trains while we were there.
Included was a yard schematic showing the switches and stuff.
The STM has a fleet of Novabuses much like this one here.
After the tour, we made our way over to Gare Centrale station to cash in on our free VIA vouchers that took us to Dorval. We actually got some amount of flak from the ticket guy because normally people use AMT, which departs from L'allier station across town. Eventually when he heard that we just wanted to go look at some trains because we were not residents, he gave us our tickets and waved us to the platform. On this platform we have a LRC car with the bridge plate in the underground platform.
Here is the interior of the LRC car! one and only shot of an MR-90...which sucks. I really wanted to take some pics of MR-90s, but I suppose that I should wait until next time.
The locomotive was GMD F40PH-3 6411 posing at Dorval station.
At Dorval we have a gopher that popped out while I was railfanning at Dorval.

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