Monday, August 8, 2016

Miaoli Railway Museum, Back to Taipei

Today we went to the Miaoli Railway Museum. Since it was situated along a railway line, the fence was made of old rails!
This is a E300 electric locomotive that was parked in a siding next to the museum.
CT152, one of the many steam locomotives. 2-6-2 wheel arrangement, tender locomotive.
This is a former Alishan shay locomotive.
It was a B class Shay locomotive, meaning that it had three cylinders and two bogies.
This is DT561, a tender steam locomotive.
This is a gasoline railcar, that used to go up to the top of Alishan mountain.
Just like the Tangtie steam locomotives from yesterday, 331 is no different.
R0 was the first type of diesel locomotive brought to Taiwan. Built by Hitachi, this is R6.
This is one of the many pieces rolling stock that was mainly used for track maintenance.
This is another Alishan gas railcar.
This is the first generation of Alishan diesels.
S405 is a member of the S400 class, the last switchers to be brought into Taiwan.
This is another Alishan diesel.
Prior to 1982, the Hualien-Taitung line was operated by some 2ft 6in trainsets, but then it was converted into the current 3ft 6in "cape'' gauge. This is 101, a diesel locomotive.
This is the cab car of the passenger car. This type was used on the line, along with DMUs and LK steam locomotives.
They also had a S300 on display.
The other end of the gasoline car.
And most of the pieces of rolling stock.
Is this a mail truck?
EMU 800 at Miaoli Station.
This is our Tze-Chiang Hao service back to Taipei Songshan. We were in car 12, so no video of the entry.
This was that same TZH at Songshan Station.
And this is an EMU 500 local train.

Next post will be about railfanning Xizhi Station.

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